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                          Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What services does your agency provide?
A: We are a full service escort agency. We are not strippers or dancers, nor do we take part in anything illegal.

Q: Are you open 365 days a year?
A: No. For dates we will be closed, click here.

Q: How much... What are the rates?
A: The rates vary depending on which lady you see. Please do not assume the same rate applies from one lady to the next. $250-500 an hour can be expected. Rates include the agency fee and NO you do not have to tip. Our ladies do not up-sell or require any additional fees. The flat rate is all that is expected.

Q: Do any of your ladies provide incall?
A: Yes. Incall is an additional $50 if booked 24 hours or more in advance; or an additional $70 if booked within 24 hours.

Q: Do you accept credit cards as a form of payment?
A: Nope. Cash Only.

Q: Are the pictures accurate?
A: Yes, all pictures are a true representation of the ladies with us. If the lady you request is available, what you see is what you get. If the lady you request is unavailable, we will let you know who is available, and you can decide from there what you would like to do. Links on this website will direct you to the most recent pictures of the ladies.

Q: What do you need to know when I call?
1. Name of lady you want to see.
2. Date & time convenient for you.
3. Length of time you would like to spend with her.
4. Where you would like to meet.
5. Any other requests you may have.

Q: What is NOT okay to say over the phone?
A: Explicit questions or vulgar language will result in an end to the call. Do not ask any questions about the services we provide. That question has already been answered. If you ask, we will reiterate that we do not provide any illegal services.

Q: Do your ladies travel?
A: Yes, and travel expenses are included if you are within a 30 mile drive. For travel over 30 miles one-way, a travel fee of $0.50/mile will apply. For travel over 60 miles one-way, appointments will have a 2-hour minimum plus $100/hr for time and $0.50/mile for travel. For travel requiring airfare, please read the fine print on each lady's page.